Our history

In the 1970s many small farms abandoned the countryside, industrial areas grew fast and the territory was losing its identity.
In this difficult period Ottomarzo Cooperative was born, on 8th March 1978, taking advantage of the collaboration and synergy between farmers, young workers, stundents and MAG Verona.

The start of the journey: Organic Pioneers

The vineyards were sown on the Grola hill, which led to the production of Valpolicella, Recioto and Amarone Ottomarzo.
The deep knowledge of the territory, combined with the technical skills and ideals of the founding members, set the foundation of an agricolture focused on people wellness and in absolute harmony with nature.
Since the beginning, the ideology of being an organic enterprise was ingrained in the business. This was in place prior to any official regulations in Italy.

Ottomarzo today

More than 40 years have passed and Ottomarzo's values have never changed.
Our knowledge and respect for the evironment, combined with the passion we have for our work allows us to create organically certified high quality products.