Synergy and complicity with our territory of origin 

Ottomarzo as the foundation date of the agricultural cooperative: On 8 March 1978 our project was born from the collaboration between young workers, farmers and MAG Verona.  Our History promotes the respect and sustainability of our territory.

  An idea then in contrast with the choices of wineries of Valpolicella: in the seventies most of the small farm abandon the countryside, the industrial areas grow and the territory is losing its identity.
More than forty years of activity have passed and the values have always remained the same in the Ottomarzo Cooperative.  The knowledge and respect for the environment together with the breeding of animals strictly milk and hay, allow the production and distribution of high quality product with organic certification 

The values of Ottomarzo:
Respect and Sustainability

Growing organically with sustainable methods and on a small scale: this approach we see a fertile land that entrusts healthy and delicious wines to hands that work with care and in harmony with the rhythms of nature. We promote environmentally, ecologically and socially healthy production

Organic pioneers from 1978

From the beginning, the concept of organic has been implemented in business know-how even before effective regulation in Italy. The deep knowledge of the territory and the technical skills, combined with the ideals of the founding members, have alllowed a type of agriculturein absolute harmony with nature